What Is a ypVideo 360?

ypVideo 360 helps build customer trust with an interactive, narrated, and panoramic virtual tour that helps customers make informed buying decisions.
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ypVideo 360 Key Features

Showcase your business with an extensive and immersive guided virtual tour.

  • Feature your premises, products, services & staff
  • Include links in video for coupons, testimonials or pricing
  • Enhance your business profile, website & search landing page.

Please watch this demonstration of a ypVideo 360 that will explain every aspect of a virtual tour.

Provide a guided tour of different types of businesses

ypVideo 360 enhances a business's image by telling a compelling visual story that build credibility & influences purchase decisions.

Examples of the different types of tours:

  • Visit your Business
    let customers tour the business

  • Service in Action
    demonstrate all the offered services

  • Job Portfolio
    showcase the quality and detail of finished projects

Mobile Experience

Mobile Phone - Landscape Mobile Phone - Portrait

ypVideo 360 is built on new HTML5 technology, so it is fully functional on all devices.

ypVideo 360 Product Specs

A professionally-produced interactive tour:
  • Includes a professional photo shoot and script.
  • Must be sold with a product that includes a yp.com listing, such as ypLocal Ads or ypPresence. Includes up to 5 headings, and 450 Priority Points are included for the ypLocal Ads listing product (points are for ranking in Ad Tier, not organic).
  • Must be shot within 14 days from order receipt date.
  • photo shoot at up to 2 locations (within 20 minutes of each other)
  • up to 5 high definintion 360° views (exterior and/or interior)
  • unlimited Interactive Elements (yp.com video ads, click to call/email, staff photos, coupons, product lists)
  • choice of voice gender for the standard greeting
  • choice from a selection of background music
ypVideo 360 Example
ypVideo 360 builds credibility to influence purchase decisions
ypVideo℠ 360
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